Joanna Mary Boyce – Head of a Mulatto Woman (1861)

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Paul Mathey – Sailor girl (1889)

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Bruno Berti – Beatrice (2017)

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Pablo Picasso – Olga in an Armchair (1918)

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Domenico Zampieri, called Domenichino – Portrait of Monsignor Giovanni Battista Agucchi (c. 1621)

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Beatrice: update

Nella parte finale del post, Beatrice, dove illustravo le fasi del mio ultimo lavoro, sono stato fin troppo benevolo con me stesso. E quell’ammissione, a proposito dei miei limiti, cercava maldestramente di coprire l’insoddisfazione che mi attanagliava per la resa di un dipinto su cui avevo ambizioni un po’ maggiori.

In effetti non sono mai soddisfatto del risultato finale dei miei quadri, ma questo in particolare ho cominciato col tempo a trovarlo insopportabile, a differenza degli altri a cui ormai ho fatto l’occhio.

E così l’ho tirato fuori dalla cornice e rimesso sul cavalletto.
E dopo una ventina di giorni di ritocchi e ritocchi ho deciso che mi piaceva abbastanza da considerarlo finito un’altra volta.

Beatrice – Versione aggiornata e (si spera) definitiva.

Affiancare le due versioni rende meglio l’idea:

Trova le differenze!

Nel frattempo, come mio solito, mi sono appoggiato alla comunità di WetCanvas in cerca di critiche e suggerimenti che mi indirizzassero verso una maggior comprensione dei problemi che riscontravo. Le due versioni hanno raccolto fino ad oggi le critiche seguenti (chiamale critiche, vabbé…):

Loretta (USA): Bruno, this is precious! You’ve done a marvelous job on her eyes. I can’t stop looking at her beautiful little innocent mouth. Outstanding.

Connie (Westbroek, The Netherlands): Beautiful! 

Moises (Magnolia, Arkansas, USA): Molto bene Bruno!
This is a great portrait. Although the composition is great, her eyes steal the show.

Bethany (south coast Australia): Una pittura magistrale!
Truly a masterful portrait. Influenced by the amazing art that Italia has to offer, I am sure!

Carol (Arizona, USA): Bruno… this so accomplished .. and just prescious … you defiantly have command of edges and drawing abilities .. superb 

Merritt (South Australia): One word – Outstanding !

Harry (Gretton, UK): An exquisite essay in the tradition of Ingres and Bouguereau. Chapeau!

Tommie (USA): So cute! Totally agree with everyone’s comment and would like to add that the hair is amazing also!

Wassie (Las Vegas, USA): Absolutely perfect in every way!

Mike (North Carolina, USA): This is so beautiful. I am so glad you posted it here. I really hope you continue to send us some things to see. Your treatment of her hair at the top of her forehead is amazing. I want to be able to do that so much. What is the secret?

David(Burnley, UK): Wow.
Blown away.
IMO, one of the best portraits I’ve ever seen on WC.
You’re more than welcome…. but I think it was pointless to ask for criticisms on something this good.

ODK: Beautiful!

Michael (Raleigh, NC, USA): Excellent painting!

Erin (Quebec, Canada): Lovely!! ❤ The colours are fantastic and the details ❤

Vasilios (Greece): Do you want critique or suggestion? Are u serius? This is Fabulus!!

Lauren (Ontario, USA): Well done, Bruno! 
What a sweet little face, with a rather mature and straight look at the viewer! Very powerful! 

Woody (Los Angeles, CA, USA): Absolutely wonderful…beautiful capture of the innocence of the young child.

Anthony (Jacksonville, Florida, USA): Breathtaking.

William (Glendale, Arizona, USA): Oh my goodness…….This painting is astonishing! What beautiful work!

Ken (Peoria, Illinois, USA): Excellent in so many ways! Captivating and delicate-
Would a touch of texture in the hair highlights be helpful?

Ju-Ju-Beads (Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA): Incredible. Completely incredible. All of it seems perfect, her eyes are fab, but that sweet little mouth just does it for me–so pure, so human. I love the colors in her bangs over her right eye. This is truly the pinnacle of portraiture.

Carolyn (Ventura, California, USA): I just want to kiss those beautiful cheeks. Thank you for sharing your steps of procedure. I am also trying to do this technique, so this is very helpful for me. Your work is breathtaking.

LilliCC (Walnut Cove, NC, USA): Breathtaking!! Inspiring!

Anne (Canada): Magnificent. It is absolutely perfect. She has beautiful eyes.

Trumper: That is brilliant -well done

E dopo ‘sta carellata di complimenti posso andare a dormire con l’autostima rigenerata al massimo. 😉

Joseph Duplessis – Louis XVI in Coronation Robes (1777)

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